15 Things I Have Stopped Doing To Improve My Body Metabolism

Chronic stress

Hello, fellow metabolism wranglers! You’re probably here because, like me, you’ve been trying to improve that internal furnace known as `body metabolism.`

You’ve tried a thousand diets, done more burpees than you care to remember, and looked at broccoli with more affection than anyone should. Join me as I guide you through the 15 things I stopped doing to give my metabolism the kickstart it needed.

Skipping Meals

Skipping meals
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Do you know that friend who keeps bailing on your plans? That’s what skipping meals does to your metabolism. It’s like a no-show at the metabolic party your body throws to process food and convert it into energy.
When you start skipping meals, your metabolism thinks it’s been stood up and slows down the party, i.e., the metabolic rate. The result? Your body starts storing fat instead of burning it. So, the next time you think about skipping a meal, remember you’re sending a “Sorry, can’t make it” text to your metabolism.


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Sayonara, overeating! Letting my stomach impersonate a bottomless pit was my old party trick. But guess what? My metabolism didn’t find it amusing. I learned that loading up on extra servings didn’t mean I was fuelling my body; instead, I was overworking my digestive system.

Now, I savor smaller, balanced meals throughout the day. My metabolism is no longer running the gastronomic equivalent of a marathon daily. And the best part? I feel more energetic and lighter; my body thanks me for it. Overeating, it’s a goodbye from me!

Relying on Processed Foods

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Oh, processed foods, the alluring sirens of the supermarket! They call out from the shelves with their bright packaging and convenience promises, but folks, don’t be dazzled by their charm. I’ve given them the boot in my quest to kick my metabolism into high gear. Processed foods are often stuffed with sugars, unhealthy fats, and sodium, affecting your body’s metabolic rhythm.

They’re like that catchy pop song you can’t get out of your head – initially pleasing but ultimately annoying (and not good for you!). So, now I wave goodbye to these metabolic saboteurs and say hello to fresh fruits, veggies, and home-cooked meals!


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When it comes to dehydration, your body isn’t a fan. It’s like that grumpy friend who wasn’t invited to the party (or given enough water). Dehydration slows your metabolism and makes your body work overtime to perform essential functions.

Imagine sweating out a Zumba class and not drinking water afterward – that’s a metabolic no-no! So, here’s what I did: I kissed dehydration goodbye and started carrying a water bottle everywhere. Now, my body’s throwing its metabolic party, and everyone’s invited.

Lack of Sleep

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Wave goodbye to those late-night Netflix binges, folks! Lack of sleep is a notorious metabolism assassin, sneakily disrupting those complex bodily processes we rely on to break down food efficiently. When we’re sleep-deprived, our bodies hit the snooze button on metabolism, leading to excess unused energy—code for ‘weight gain.’

According to Orfeu Buxton, a researcher on the project and professor of biobehavioral health at Penn State, when we don’t get enough sleep, we want to eat more than we need and store it as excess energy. So, here’s the plan: lights out by 10 p.m., minimal screen time before bed, and let’s make those eight hours of shut-eye non-negotiable. Goodnight, lackluster metabolism; hello, energy zenith!

Sitting All-Day

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Say goodbye to being a professional sitter, my friends! Like a menacing villain, the office chair can sabotage your metabolism faster than you can say “donut break.” Hours of uninterrupted sitting slows your metabolic rate, making your body a less efficient calorie-burning machine.

So, let’s boot the butt-gluing-to-the-chair habit and take frequent breaks to stand up or stroll around. Better yet, opt for a standing desk or arrange walking meetings. Your metabolism will thank you for it!

Avoiding Strength Training

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I used to think of strength training as the exclusive club of muscular folks grunting in the gym, where I had no membership (or desire to join). Boy, was I wrong! I’ve waved goodbye to that misconception, just like I’ve stopped avoiding weights.

Strength training isn’t just about bulking up; it’s a metabolism VIP ticket. It helps build lean muscle, boosting metabolism because muscle burns more calories than fat. So now, I run towards them instead of running away from those dumbbells!

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

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Say goodbye to boozing until the wee hours, my friends. Consuming alcohol excessively was one of those habits I had to kick to the curb to rev up my metabolism. Sure, a glass of wine here and there might not be a dealbreaker, but binge drinking? That’s a metabolism downer right there.

Alcohol is loaded with empty calories and slows down your metabolic processes as your liver works overtime to detoxify your body. So, if you’re serious about boosting your body’s engine, it’s time to reconsider your relationship with the bottle.

Chronic Stress

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Chronic stress was like that unwanted party guest who overstayed their welcome in my life. I realized it was not just a nuisance but a full-blown public enemy to my metabolism. Stress triggers our body’s fight or flight response, causing a rush of adrenaline and cortisol – which, in simpler terms, is the ‘fat-storing hormone.’

So, you see, the more stressed you are, your body clings to fat like a kid to candy. And let’s be real, stress and a speedy metabolism don’t mix, like oil and water or like me and karaoke after a long day!

Ignoring Protein Intake

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I used to love carbs, thinking they were the main act in my daily nutrition drama. But boy, was I mistaken! I’ve since waved goodbye to when I used to ignore my protein intake. Protein is like the Tom Hanks of your dietary intake – it’s a vital player in every body cell. We need it for the nitty-gritty tasks like building and repairing tissues.

And you know what’s even more remarkable about protein? It boosts your metabolism. That’s right! More protein means your body works harder to digest, burning more calories. It’s like getting a membership at the ‘Improve My Body Metabolism’ club without sweatbands and fancy equipment. So don’t skimp on that protein, folks!

Skimping on Vegetables

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They weren’t kidding when they said, “Eat Your Greens!” I was the master of skipping veggies, but little did I know I was robbing my body’s metabolism of its best friends. With their high fiber content, vegetables aren’t just a low-calorie snack.

They are power-packed with vitamins and minerals, making your body a metabolism-revving machine. So, I’ve ditched the habit of sidelining vegetables and made them the star of my plate. It’s like inviting your metabolism to a party it wants to attend!

Excessive Sugar Intake

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Sugar, my once sweet enemy. We all have a love-hate relationship with those little white crystals. While they promise immediate pleasure to our taste buds, they’re notorious metabolism slackers. Excessive sugar intake is like throwing sand in your body’s gears—it slows metabolic processes, leaving you feeling sluggish and zapped of energy.

I’ve waved goodbye to my daily candy bar rendezvous. Now, my sweet moments are reserved for naturally sugary treats like fruits. Who knew an apple a day could keep a sluggish metabolism away?

Overusing Stimulants

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Once upon a caffeine dependency, I clocked in four cups of Joe before noon. Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? However, overusing stimulants like caffeine can mess with your metabolism. It’s like a short-term rental; you get a speedy metabolic rate, sure, but it comes with a price – adrenal fatigue, disrupted sleep, and, worst of all, an eventual crash.

I decided to avoid caffeine in my mornings, limiting it to a single cup daily. Call it a plot twist in my quest to improve my body metabolism, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Staying in Your Comfort Zone

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Say goodbye to your beloved comfort zone, my friend. Yes, it’s cozy and familiar, but it’s also the biggest party pooper when ramping up your metabolism. Your body is a clever cookie—it quickly adapts to the same old workout routine, making it less effective. So, what’s the fix? Challenge it, surprise it! Bring variety and intensity to your workouts.

Try HIIT, power yoga, or maybe even rock climbing. These challenging workouts will keep your body guessing and your metabolism firing on all cylinders. Remember, comfort is great for Netflix and chill, but when it comes to your metabolism, it’s time to step it up a notch!

Ignoring Medical Conditions

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Some of us are guilty of turning a blind eye towards those pesky medical conditions, assuming they might be a minor speed bump slowing down our metabolism expressway. Dreaded allergies, sleep disorders, or hormonal imbalances? We dismiss them as nothing more than annoying party crashers!
Well, it’s time for some tough love, folks.

Neglecting these conditions won’t earn you any metabolism brownie points. Before brushing off that next doctor’s appointment, remember: your body is your team, and to improve metabolism, you need all players on board, fit and ready for the game.

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