Dead Giveaways: 15 Things That Only a Trump Supporter Would Say

A Trump supporter actively supports and champions former President Donald J. Trump, often to the point of unwavering loyalty and fervent devotion. How to spot them? Their unique lingo. These 15 phrases, if overheard in a casual conversation, might just have you saying, “Aha! Got one.”

“I Love Donald Trump”

Robert De Niro's Scathing Critique of Donald Trump: 'Evil' and 'Morally Bankrupt'
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They’re not just endorsing the man; they’re buying into his signature blend of frankness and flamboyance, his aversion to political correctness, and his knack for sparking controversy. This phrase is often accompanied by praise for his entrepreneurial prowess and his perceived dedication to American values and interests. It’s an endorsement more about the ethos Trump represents than the man himself.

“Nobody Respects Women More Than Trump”

The 13 Richest US Politicians in Office
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It’s a claim backed by the assertion that Trump appointed numerous women to high-ranking positions in his administration. Indeed, during his tenure, women like Kellyanne Conway and Nikki Haley held prominent leadership roles.

However, his notorious comments about women and his multiple accusations of sexual misconduct negatively affect women’s rights and health. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 58% of American women say Trump has made progress toward gender equality worse, not better.

“Fake News”

14 Strangest American Conspiracy Theories
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To them, it’s not just a phrase but a battle cry against what they perceive as biased mainstream media. Mention a negative story about Trump on any platform, and you’re likely to be met with a swift and resounding “That’s fake news!”

“The Wall”

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Mention “the Wall” in any conversation, and chances are, you’ll get an impassioned discourse about border security, immigration reform, and the indomitable American spirit. A Trump supporter doesn’t just see it as a physical barrier; instead, they view it as a metaphorical embodiment of a fortified nation, protecting its citizens and preserving its values.

“Bill Clinton Got Aids From Magic Johnson”

17 U.S. Politicians Who Have Admitted to Smoking Pot
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An odd fusion of political scandal, sports celebrity, and health misinformation, this claim underscores the lengths some supporters will go to discredit opposing figures. Of course, it’s worth noting that both Bill Clinton and Magic Johnson have publicly and repeatedly debunked this outrageous rumor.

“Hillary Clinton Has a Body Double”

The 20 Worst Liars In American Politics
Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

This theory emerged during the heated 2016 election campaign and still seems to hold a certain allure for some Trump supporters. The argument? Well, they point to a particular day when Clinton was taken ill at a 9/11 memorial event, and the woman who emerged from her daughter’s apartment a few hours later looked, supposedly, ‘too healthy’ to be the same person.

“Trump Supporters Don’t Scream and Yell”

12 Things Highly Narcissistic People Always Do When Talking To Others-and How To Respond
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Trump supporters often claim a sense of decorum, suggesting they don’t resort to screaming, yelling, or interrupting during public events or debates. They paint themselves as the polite contrast to the loud, emotional outbursts they attribute to their liberal counterparts. After all, perception is reality, right?

“Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again”

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This is a rallying cry we’ve all heard, resounding from the lips of those sporting red “MAGA” hats. There’s a steadfast belief in this camp that Trump’s unapologetically brash and business-oriented approach is precisely what America needs to regain its footing.

“Locker Room Talk”​

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This phrase emerged during the 2016 Presidential campaign, following the release of an Access Hollywood tape where Trump was recorded making lewd comments about women. Supporters frequently use this term to brush off controversial remarks, arguing that they are simply the kind of language that men might use privately among themselves and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

“Beyonce Is a Disgusting, Gyrating F**l”

The 22 Most Vocal Celebrities That Support the Democratic Party
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This perspective might stem from Beyonce’s open support for Democratic candidates and her active role in social justice movements. The derogatory characterization reflects not just a difference in political affiliation but an intolerance towards divergent views and expressions.

“People Who Are Anti- Trump Don’t Pay Taxes”​

17 Ways Boomers Waste Money in Retirement
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They argue that Trump’s tax cuts benefited all Americans, especially the middle class. This group suggests that those who oppose Trump are often those who do not fully contribute to the tax system, including individuals relying heavily on public assistance or those exploiting tax loopholes to evade their obligations.

“All the Trouble in the World Today Stems From Muslims”

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This perspective is primarily driven by the controversial discourse that dominated Trump’s 2016 campaign, where he proposed a total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States in response to global terrorism threats.

It’s crucial to note that this viewpoint reflects a significant misunderstanding of the diverse and multitudinous Muslim community worldwide. It’s also worth mentioning that terrorism is not exclusive to any one religion or ideology.

“Trump Has B@lls”

Robert De Niro's Scathing Critique of Donald Trump: 'Evil' and 'Morally Bankrupt'
Photographer via Wikimedia Commons

This colloquialism is often used to highlight Trump’s perceived assertiveness and willingness to confront contentious issues head-on. Supporters point to his tough stance on immigration and his decision to withdraw from multinational agreements such as the Paris Climate Accord as evidence of this trait.

This assertive approach, supporters argue, distinguishes him from other politicians who, they believe, are more likely to “play it safe.”

“Muslims Are Trying to Ethnically Cleanse White People”

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This claim is rooted in fears of increasing immigration and demographic changes. Some supporters cite instances of terrorism and the growth of Muslim populations in traditionally white-majority countries as evidence.

However, the U.S. Census Bureau projects that the white population will remain the majority in the United States through at least 2050. Such perspectives often stem from misinformation and can encourage division and hatred.

“Trump Says What I’m Thinking”

Donald Trump's 14 Most Epic Business Failures
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This statement reflects a core appeal of Trump’s political style: his unfiltered and direct communication. Supporters appreciate his willingness to voice opinions that they believe many individuals silently hold. They frequently cite Trump’s comments on immigration, trade, and political correctness as instances where he has boldly articulated thoughts that contradict mainstream political discourse.

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