12 Straight Celebrities Who Had Gay Spouses

12 Straight Celebrities Who Had Gay Spouses

Imagine being a megastar, strutting your stuff on red carpets, chased by paparazzi, and having your personal life as tabloid fodder. Now, add to this scenario a twist: your spouse is openly gay while you’re not. It sounds like a plot for a gripping Netflix drama, right? But for a surprising number of celebrities, this is real life.

Let’s take a curious journey down the lane of Hollywood’s glitterati, peeling back the curtain to reveal 12 straight celebrities who shared their lives and hearts with gay spouses.

Rock Hudson and Phyllis Gates

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Image credit: Universal Pictures via Wikimedia Commons

The silver-screen heartthrob Rock Hudson had the world swooning over his charms while living a double life. He was married to Phyllis Gates for three years while living as a closeted gay man.

According to People, following three years of marriage, Hudson’s wife, Phyllis Gates, shockingly professed ignorance of his actual sexu@l orientation as a gay man.

Carrie Fisher and Bryan Lourd

12 Straight Celebrities Who Had Gay Spouses
Image credit: Riccardo Ghilardi, photographer via Wikimedia Commons

The Star Wars princess found herself in a complicated love story of her own when her husband, Bryan Lourd, came out as gay. The couple remained close friends after their breakup.

According to The Pride, Lourd’s infamous divorce from Fisher unfolded when he unexpectedly fell in love with another man and bravely came out of the closet. Despite the upheaval, their enduring friendship remained intact.

Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson

12 Straight Celebrities Who Had Gay Spouses
Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

The “Nanny” star, Fran Drescher, married Peter Marc Jacobson for 21 years. After their divorce, Jacobson came out as gay, but their friendship remains unbroken.

Jim McGreevey and Dina Matos McGreevey

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David Iliff (Diliff) via Wikimedia Commons

Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey made headlines when he came out as gay, leading to his divorce from Dina Matos McGreevey.

According to CNN, former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey courageously embraced his true identity as a gay man, publicly acknowledging it while acknowledging the affair and ultimately choosing to step down.

Julie Cypher and Lou Diamond Phillips

12 Straight Celebrities Who Had Gay Spouses
Image credit: Rob DiCaterino via Canva. com

Julie Cypher left her husband, actor Lou Diamond Phillips, for singer Melissa Etheridge after realizing she was gay.

Liza Minnelli and Peter Allen

12 Straight Celebrities Who Had Gay Spouses
Image credit: Joella Marano via Wikimedia Commons

Liza Minnelli’s first husband, Peter Allen, was an Australian songwriter who eventually came out as gay. Wikipedia states that on April 9, 1970, something shifted in the lives of Minnelli and Allen. They embarked on a trial separation, marking the beginning of a new chapter. The finalization of their divorce on July 24, 1974, closed the book on their journey together.

In a candid conversation with The Advocate editor-in-chief Judy Wieder in September 1996, Minnelli revealed a startling revelation: “I married Peter, completely unaware of his true self.”

Little Richard and Ernestine Campbell

Little Richard
Little Richard performed at the University of Texas Forty Acres Festival in 2007 via Wikimedia Commons.

Music legend Little Richard was married to Ernestine Campbell during his early career. His struggle with his sexuality led to their divorce.

According to Grunge, in 1959, Richard desperately attempted to distance himself from his homosexu@lity. In a surprising move, he went as far as marrying a secretary named Ernestine Campbell.

Josephine Baker and Jean Lion

Josephine Baker
Josephine Baker, en 1950, via Wikimedia Commons

Josephine Baker, a well-known American-born French entertainer, was married to French industrialist Jean Lion, who was rumored to be gay.

Danielle Fishel and Tim Belusko

Danielle Fishel
Danielle Fishel via Wikimedia Commons

Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel was married to Tim Belusko for two years before they divorced. Rumors are swirling regarding Tim Belusko’s sexual orientation, fueling speculation that he might be gay.

Danny Mozes and Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon
Actor Cynthia Nixon at the Garden State Equality gala dinner, Maplewood, NJ (15 March 2008) via Wikimedia Commons

Actress Cynthia Nixon was married to school teacher Danny Mozes before she identified as queer. “I could call myself a lesbian, gay, or bisexu@l. But none of them seems particularly right,” Nixon said in an interview with Attitude. “To say ‘queer’ means, ‘I’m over there; I don’t have to go into the nuances of my sexuality with you.”

Elton John and Renate Blauel

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Ernst Vikne via Wikimedia Commons

Elton John’s four-year marriage to Renate Blauel ended after he came out as gay. According to Refinery29, Blauel and John’s marriage endured for four years, but its challenges were not gone.

While Blauel grappled with the pressures of fame, John faced relentless scrutiny regarding his sexu@lity. Ultimately, they decided to part ways in 1988. Interestingly enough, that very same year, John made the courageous decision to embrace his identity as a gay man publicly.

Barry Manilow and Susan Deixler

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Abi Skipp via Wikimedia Commons

Iconic singer Barry Manilow was married to Susan Deixler, but the relationship ended when he realized he was gay and decided to marry Garry Kief.

According to Woman’s Day, Manilow and Kief tied the knot, keeping his sexuality under wraps. It wasn’t until a year later that the news broke, and to his surprise, his fans showed unwavering support. “I always worried about letting them down if they found out I was gay. So I kept it to myself,” he confessed.

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