My 79-Year-Old Grandma’s 15 Stupid but Memorable Advices Wrapped in Good Intentions

My Grandma's worst piece of advice

Calling my grandmother a “font of wisdom” is an understatement. At 79, she proudly proclaims her membership to the “OLD” club, but don’t be fooled – being old has never been so lively! Especially when it comes to Grandma.

So, hold on tight as I share the 15 hilariously ‘stupid’ yet genuinely well-meaning pieces of advice she’s bestowed upon us. Get ready to laugh because this lady is no ordinary grandma!

Embrace Seniority

Grandma discussing things with her grandchild
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At 79, Grandma chuckles at the title of “senior.” To her, the term represents a constant evolution, a graduation from life’s school, if you will. She retorts with the cheeky suggestion that we should start calling younger folks “juniors.”

Love Your Digits

Stylish Grandma
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When she hit 70, she breathed a sigh of relief. The suggestive undertones of 69 always brought out a blush. She loves her age, celebrating each passing year as another badge of honor on her sash of life.

Guard Your Pearly Whites

Grandma with good teeth
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With the wisdom of years, she warns us about the importance of dental health. She jokes about auctioning off prized possessions to afford dental care in old age. Invest in your teeth now, she counsels, before you have to invest in dentures.

Kind over Nice

Kind Grandma baking with her grandchildren
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Being ‘nice’ is an overrated attribute, according to Grandma. Niceness often masks our true feelings. She urges us to drop the facade, be kind instead – it’s genuine and brings more joy.

Personal Grooming

Fashioned Granny
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As eyesight wanes and body hair proliferates, she advises investing in good grooming tools and trustworthy friends. Don’t trust your own judgment; as age can play tricks on your perception.

Be Modest

Slight Argument with grandma
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The youth, she muses, often believe they have a monopoly on the best ideas. Grandma, with her years of wisdom, advises a dose of modesty. Pick battles wisely, act on what truly matters, and stand up for those causes relentlessly.

Age Isn’t Universal

Girl and Her Grandma
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Using the phrase, “When I was your age…” is a pet peeve of Grandma’s. She understands that every generation faces different challenges, and their age experiences are unique. Recognize this gap and respect it.

Value Wisdom

Woman embracing her grandmother
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There is an innate wisdom that comes with age, she says, which must be revered. Wisdom is a hard-earned treasure, won through life’s highs and lows, and deserves due respect.

Adapt to Change

Modern Grandma
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Despite her age, Grandma insists on keeping up with the evolving language. If she can understand what “woke” means at 79, so can anyone. Be adaptable, be teachable, no matter your age.

Be Independent

Cool Grandma
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Ageism is a real thing, she acknowledges. Whether too young or too old, people might dismiss you. But that shouldn’t deter you. March to the beat of your own drum and make your own decisions.

Fashion Autonomy

Someones grandparents dancing
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Grandma scoffs at couples wearing matching outfits. To her, it suppresses individuality. She champions expressing your unique style, even if you’re part of a pair.

Food Differences

Grandma eating healthy
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Eating habits vary across generations. She accepts this, even while grumbling about antibiotics in meat and the fad of kale. But at the end of the day, embrace the differences and enjoy your meals.

Stay in Your Dance Lane

Dancing with Grandkids
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With a twinkle in her eye, she admits dancing abilities don’t always improve with age. So, be realistic about your abilities, and dance like no one’s watching, but within your own comfort zone.

Treasure Time

Best time with grandma
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Grandma insists that every year is a treasure, even if it needs a little elbow grease to shine. Relish each moment, anticipate future joys, and keep your sense of wonder alive.

Be a Skeptic

Granny carrying her weight
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Her final piece of advice comes with a hearty chuckle. Don’t always take what she says at face value, she insists. Question everything, keep an open mind, and form your own opinions.

Indeed, my grandmother’s advice may seem laced with sarcasm and humor, but it’s the cumulative wisdom of her 79 years. It’s these nuggets of wisdom, wrapped in ‘stupidity,’ that makes her advice so endearing and, surprisingly, profound.

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