19 of the Most Dangerous Small Towns in America

A quintessential small town often evokes images of friendly faces, warm-hearted neighborhoods, and an idyllic life marked by unhurried tranquility. Yet, the reality often harbors a sinister underbelly that is diametrically opposed to these gentle expectations.

Here are 19 small towns scattered across the United States, where the charm of small-town life intertwines with heightened levels of danger. These towns host the unexpected; beneath the inviting facade, they shelter turbulent crime rates, proving that size doesn’t always correlate with safety.

Robstown, Texas: The Action-Packed Town

Robstown, Texas
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Famed for its high-octane environment, Robstown, Texas, a town with roughly 11,500 inhabitants, reported a staggering 202 incidents of violent crime in a year. The propensity for crime in this seemingly peaceful town serves as a stark reminder: safety is not guaranteed even in the most unassuming corners of the globe.

Emeryville, California: The Eye of the Crime Storm

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Perched between Oakland and Berkeley, Emeryville, California, might not fit the conventional small-town archetype. However, with its unsettling property and violent crime rates, this San Francisco Bay Area town tops charts for the least safe small towns in America. The proximity to San Francisco’s notorious crime issues suggests an ominous diffusion of criminal activities into Emeryville.

Espanola, New Mexico: A Town Gripped by Violence

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Espanola, a petite town nestled in New Mexico with a populace of approximately 10,000, reported an alarming 268 incidents of violent crime in a single year. The crime rate here towers over 150% higher than the state’s average, prompting deep contemplation about the factors fueling this escalation.

Lumberton, North Carolina: The Epicenter of Adversity

DiscoA340 via Wikicommons

Lumberton, North Carolina, despite being home to nearly 21,700 residents, struggles with a burgeoning crime problem. This town registered 393 violent crimes in one year, indicating an alarming trend. The town’s resilient community, however, ceaselessly strives towards creating a safer, more inclusive environment.

Camden, New Jersey: The Town Under Surveillance

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Camden, New Jersey, renowned for its high crime rates, adopted an Orwellian solution – constant camera surveillance across public spaces. This radical approach came into effect after the city disbanded its original police force, hoping to curtail the rampant crime.

Anniston, Alabama: The Industrial Town with a Dark Side

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Established in 1872, Anniston, Alabama, is home to a flourishing metal product manufacturing and textile industry. Yet, the city’s vibrant economic life contrasts with its escalating violent crime situation. With 735 reported incidents in a year, the need for immediate measures to ensure safety and security for residents is urgent.

Ocean City, Maryland: Paradise Lost to Crime

Ocean City, Maryland
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and two bays, Ocean City, Maryland, boasts a geographical charm that’s hard to resist. However, the same report that listed Emeryville as a high-crime town also included Ocean City. The paradise town is surrounded not just by water but by crime as well, painting a grim picture.

East St. Louis, Illinois: The City with a Dubious Distinction

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In recent years, East St. Louis, Illinois, has been infamous for having the nation’s highest per capita murder rate. This fact earned it an unwanted spot as one of America’s most dangerous small towns.

Alexandria, Louisiana: A Small Town with Big Crime Numbers

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Despite being a small town with a population of 48,000, Alexandria, Louisiana records a staggering number of violent crimes annually. The town reported 882 incidents recently, raising serious concerns about resident safety.

West Memphis, Arkansas: The City Struggling Against Violence

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Home to just under 25,000 residents, West Memphis, Arkansas, witnessed a sharp increase in violent crime rates recently. In a single year, it reported 463 violent crimes, underlining the urgent need for robust safety measures.

Sauk Village, Illinois: The Small Town with Big Problems

Dennisyerger84 via Wikicommons

Sauk Village, Illinois, sits near Chicago and Gary, Indiana. Like these troubled cities, Sauk Village faces significant crime issues. The town was dubbed the most violent small town in the U.S., reporting 55 violent crimes per 1,000 residents.

Utqiaġvik, Alaska: The Town Beyond the Arctic Circle

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Utqiaġvik, Alaska, lies ominously north of the Arctic Circle. The dangers here are threefold: freezing temperatures, predatory bears, and widespread seasonal depression. This triad of threats makes Utqiaġvik one of the most dangerous small towns in the U.S.

Florida City, Florida: The Sunshine City with a Shadow

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Despite its sun-soaked charm, Florida City hosts a grim underbelly. One recent ranking of America’s most dangerous small cities included Florida City alongside Emeryville, Ocean City, and Sauk Village.

Thomson, Illinois: The Town with the Dangerous Neighbor

Thomson, Illinois, houses the United States Penitentiary, Thomson, one of the most perilous federal prisons in the U.S. The town’s proximity to this facility adds an air of unease, making it an unexpected addition to this list.

Jackson, Mississippi: The Capital City with a Crime Problem

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Jackson, Mississippi, is a state capital housing more than 150,000 residents. Despite being larger than typical small towns, Jackson suffers from an escalating crime rate, with its per-capita murder rate ranking among the nation’s highest.

Vallejo, California: The Mid-sized City with Large-sized Crime

Provided via California.com

Vallejo, California, with its population of about 125,000, reported 845 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. While not a “small town” in the traditional sense, Vallejo’s crime rate is still far higher than most other cities nationwide.

Pompano Beach, Florida

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Pompano Beach, Florida is more than just a sunny coastal city. Situated on Florida’s iconic Gold Coast, it attracts many tourists yearly. However, it’s not just about beaches and breezes. With 793 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, Pompano Beach’s crime rate is concerning for such an attractive city. Despite offering recreational activities like golfing and deep-sea fishing, the city faces crime-related challenges that highlight the need for caution in this tropical paradise.

Cocoa, Florida

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Cocoa, Florida, known for its picturesque riverside views and rich history, faces a concerning statistic. With 369 violent crimes reported in a year for a population of 17,800, Cocoa’s crime rate is worrying. However, the city administration and local law enforcement agencies are continuously working to improve residents’ security and well-being.

Monroe, Louisiana

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Located in northern Louisiana, Monroe thrives as an industrial hub with paper mills and sheet metal plants. Its unique blend of southern charm and bustling industry has shaped its identity. However, the city faces significant violent crime, with nearly 1,500 incidents reported each year for a population of just under 50,000. Nevertheless, Monroe is actively working to reduce crime and create a safer environment for its residents.

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