17 Things That Are Quickly Disappearing Because Millennials Refuse to Buy Them

Say hello to the generation that’s redefining consumer habits: Millennials. They’re trading in the old and the gold for the new and the bold, putting a spin on market trends and making these 17 businesses a little nervous. This isn’t your grandpa’s shopping list, that’s for sure! 

Fabric Softener

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Remember when laundry wasn’t considered clean unless it had that faux-floral aroma that lingered long after you’d pulled it from the dryer? Well, millennials sure don’t. They’re saying a firm “no thanks” to this unnecessary laundry additive, opting for eco-friendly detergents and dryer balls.


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Our generation is trading the rumbling, open-road machines for more practical, fuel-efficient cars or – dare we say – electric scooters. Have we become a bunch of environmentalists, or is it the fear of helmet hair? Either way, the motorcycle industry is feeling the pinch.


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It turns out millennials can’t be bothered with the whole process of pouring cereal, adding milk, and – let’s not forget – washing dishes. This group is looking for a fast, efficient morning meal without the clean-up, so it’s no surprise that grab-and-go smoothies and protein bars are becoming the new breakfast of champions.

Dairy Milk

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They’re swapping out the classic white beverage for ‘moo-ve’ over substitutes like almond, soy, and oat milk. And it’s not just about lactose intolerance or a new-found veganism. This generation is all about sustainability and health, and they’ve got their eyes on the dairy industry’s carbon hoofprint and the sugar content in the traditional glass of moo juice.


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Armed with their acute awareness of ethical mining issues and a penchant for experiences over material possessions, millennials are trading diamond solitaire rings for adventurous trips, artisan crafts, or unique gemstones.


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Besides the skyrocketing real estate prices, millennials would instead put their paychecks towards a backpacking trip through Europe rather than a down payment for a house in the suburbs. Plus, they’ve figured out the whole “work from anywhere” thing, so they’re not tied down to a specific location.

Bar Soap

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With the rise of liquid soaps and body washes, offering a plethora of tantalizing aromas and dispensing the perfect dollop without leaving behind any soggy, slippery residue, bar soap is looking increasingly outdated. And let’s not start with the hygiene concerns that sharing a bar of soap presents.


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Maybe it’s the cost of those fancy golf clubs or the membership fees for the elite golf clubs, but millennials are causing a real divot in the golf industry. According to the National Golf Foundation, golfers aged 18 to 34 plummeted from 9 million in 2003 to just 6.2 million in 2016.


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Millennials turn to their trusty kitchen towels, a reusable and sustainable alternative. If you’re invested in the napkin industry, it might be time for a strategic pivot. Maybe switch over to artisanal, organic, handwoven kitchen towels? Just a thought.


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It seems millennials have traded the rustle of newsprint for the glow of screens, preferring to catch up on current events via social media and online news outlets. They’re saying goodbye to the black-stained fingertips and hello to the infinite scroll.

Brand Name Clothes

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This generation is about the “capsule wardrobe” – a collection of essential items that don’t go out of fashion. It’s not that they don’t appreciate good design; instead, they prefer quality over brand name and have a keen sense of making their money work smarter.

Cable TV

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Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are replacing cable. Who needs a TV guide and commercials when you can binge an entire season of your favorite show in a single sitting?


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With their adventurous taste buds and health-consciousness, the younger generation is swapping traditional mayo for more exotic and healthier alternatives like hummus, avocado, and flavored aioli.


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Why, you ask? They prefer to save on car payments, insurance, and gas and are keen on reducing carbon footprints. They’re also all about the shared economy – why own a car when you can share one?


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According to a YouGov survey, 54% of millennials report texting upon arrival instead of pressing that little buzzer. Who can blame them? A text offers the sweet, nonintrusive whisper of, “Hey, I’m here,” whereas a doorbell is the equivalent of a shouty town crier announcing your presence.

National Brand Beer

17 Things That Are Quickly Disappearing Because Millennials Refuse to Buy Them
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This generation prefers craft beers, local brews, and even hard seltzers to the classic Budweiser or Coors. It’s not just about the taste – millennials are keen on supporting local businesses and appreciating the ‘crafted’ over the ‘mass-produced.

Grooming Supplies

17 Things That Are Quickly Disappearing Because Millennials Refuse to Buy Them
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The shift towards eco-conscious, sustainable living is reducing disposable razors, aerosol shaving creams, and other traditional grooming supplies. Around 2 billion razors are thrown away annually. Millennials are trading these in for more sustainable options like safety razors and soap bars.

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