10 Great Travel Hacks To Make Traveling a Breeze

Great Travel Hacks

Frequent flyers know they don’t need to arrive at the airport four hours early to get on their plane, they know that the middle of the week is the best time to book a flight, and they know never to call 1-800 numbers while dealing with reservation information. Here are ten other travel hacks to make your vacations smooth.

Mark your Bag as Fragile

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Your bags are catapulted through the plane and tossed onto the baggage carousel like a football when they aren’t marked fragile. Fragile bags are the first processed and the first set onto the baggage carousel (with care). So, a fragile bag saves time and ensures your belongings receive appropriate handling.

Drink Water Before a Flight

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Flights lead to dehydration, which is uncomfortable to deal with while plummeting through the sky at 30,000 mph. If you prefer to avoid bathroom breaks on the plane, drink water before the flight, halfway into the flight, or during the final descent.

To avoid overpriced airport water, bring a reusable water bottle, empty the contents before security, and refill it before the flight.

Always Have Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

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You never know when a bathroom won’t have soap, when a restaurant table needs a wipe down, or when you want to freshen up. So always carry a travel pack of wipes or hand sanitizer to ensure cleanliness and peace of mind.

Roll Your Clothes

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Avoiding overpacking warrants an article of its own, but rolling your clothes frees up extra space in your luggage, permitting you to pack more and have extra room for souvenirs.

Keep a Stash of Cash

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Credit cards are one of the best inventions of our time. But, while traveling, make sure you always have cash on you. Many places in different countries are cash only. If your credit card company doesn’t know of your international trip, you could end up paying hundreds in foreign transaction fees.

Email Your Documents

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To avoid any holdup at the airport, always email your I.D. and passport to yourself. In the situation you forget your passport or I.D. at home, a photo usually works. If your documents get stolen, you also have a backup.

Exercise off Jetlag

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The worst part of arriving at a new destination is the jetlag that follows you. After an eight-hour flight to a foreign country, you’re tired, irritated, and want to nap. Don’t. The best thing you can do to get rid of jetlag is exercise. If you give your brain something else to think about, you won’t remember how sleepy you are.

After I flew from Boston to London, I wanted to crash, but my friend insisted we walk around a market and expend some energy. So thankfully, we did; we acclimated to the time change much easier than we would have if we gave in to sleep’s sweet grace.

Take Advantage of Layovers

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Last December, I flew to L.A. to see some friends and explore the infamous city. But, before I arrived in the city of Angels, I had a ten-hour layover in Las Vegas. Instead of sulking in the airport, I called my friend who lives there, and we explored The Nevada hotspot. We ziplined through Freemont Street, dined at a delectable Hindu buffet, and took advantage of one of the coolest bookstores in the city.

Invest in a Universal Adapter

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Different countries use different outlets. The U.K. uses a Type G plug which has rectangular prongs, as opposed to the Type C plug in Europe, comprised of circular prongs. If you travel frequently, you need a universal adapter. They work in all airports and most electrical sockets. Trust me. You want one.

Wear Compression Socks on Flights

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Gearing up for a long flight? Make sure to purchase a pair of compression socks. If you struggle with sitting still for extended periods of time, compression socks prevent swelling and help circulate blood flow to your ankles and calves.


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